It only takes a little effort to make a difference in a child's life. Are you interested in helping children with language and communication disorders? SLCD has a variety of ways for you to get involved: financial gifts, stock donations, planned giving, and volunteering.

Browse the options below to see what you can do to help. Or call 516.609.2000, ext. 313 to discuss the various options.

Financial Gifts

Send a check to support SLCD's programs and services. click  here for the remittance form.


Make a credit card donation by calling 516.609.2000, ext. 313, or download the  remittance form  and mail to SLCD.


Discuss a corporate sponsorship with your company.




Family and Consumer Science Materials for the High School:

Vocational training and real world experience are critical and essential for the post-secondary success of all students. We are excited to announce the commencement of the Family and Consumer Science pathway to our vocational program. Culinary education is the central focus and our goal is to teach students the value of quality customer service in the dining experience, as well as the role of food service management, standards, regulations, and laws.

In addition, students will take an active role and learn food preparation and cooking techniques used in our model kitchen space. In order to facilitate this program, we are in need of culinary utensils and materials that will afford our students the opportunity to learn and develop the culinary skills needed to be successful in the field of culinary education.


Technology in the Classroom - iPads - for the High School

Personalized Lesson Plans for Students with Disabilities - The iPad allows teachers to easily and creatively tailor their lesson plans for each student based on individual student needs. There are hundreds of iPad apps specifically designed for students with special needs that teachers can use to enhance the learning experience. Integrating iPads into the classroom will give our students the opportunity to learn curriculum content across subjects and grades. With iPads, students can be taught the same lesson - in different ways.


Update and Restructuring of the Playground in Glen Cove

(Resurfacing $9,000)

Our playground area in Glen Cove needs updating. The preschool/lower school age area flooring has deteriorated and is becoming hazardous. The upper school age playground needs to be updated to make it more age and special needs appropriate for our students.


Outdoor Sports Area for Richmond Hill

(Resurfacing $36,000)

Our High School students require an outside area that is safe and gives them a place to get fresh air and exercise. The school day is extended and our students attend classes 12 months in the year. Social and behavioral well-being also is an important part of learning. It is well-documented that outdoor spaces have proven to have a positive effect on children with autism and attention deficit hyperactive disorders (ADHD). Creating spaces that accommodate the special needs of these children can provide a calming, therapeutic effect.

Planned Giving

Would you like to be a friend of SLCD in the future? A planned gift is an important part of estate planning, and leaves a legacy behind. In a Will, or with a Bequest, you can name SLCD as recipient for a specific amount or percentage of a residual estate.


This type of gift has several advantages:

  • gifts made through your will are free of estate tax
  • a bequest may place your estate in a low tax bracket
  • you may specify that your bequest is used for a specific or general purpose

Speak with your attorney to discuss what type of planned giving option is right for you.

Bridge of Speech

Be a part of the Bridge which will connect you to the children of SLCD forever.


The Bridge of Speech plaques decorate the front entranceway of SLCD at GLen Cove and Woodside. Please consider being a part of this great fundraising campaign.


Size of plaque: 2.5" x 8" ($300 for Gold, $200 for Silver, and $100 for Bronze)


You can print the order form here and mail it to the SLCD Development Office.  

For SLCD's high school located at Richmond Hill, the Bridge of Speech program has been updated to the Bridge To Success. We have created a path to independent life and employment for our students. Your contribution will ensure their success. You can download the order form and mail it to SLCD's Development Office.