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Early Diagnosis

 Early Diagnosis - School for Language and Communication Development

Why Early Diagnosis is so important

At SLCD, we believe that children with disabilities must be identified as early as possible in order to address learning problems before they become instructional deficits. Early identification and treatment can make a significant difference in the lives of children with special needs.

In partnership with parents and local school districts, our therapeutic specialists foster an environment in which a student can reveal his or her strengths, needs, and unique learning style. SLCD's Therapeutic Learning Center provides a comprehensive range of evaluative, educational and clinical services for infants, toddlers, and school-age children. 

In 1980, the American Speech-Language Hearing Association proposed a standardized definition for the term - language disorders.  This provided the opportunity for speech-language pathologists and other professionals to formalize the identification and treatment of children with language disorders throughout the United States.


How will my child be evaluated?

Evaluations of a child birth through age 5 require information gathering and a series of individually administered assessments and behavioral observations. There are certain required evaluations for Early intervention and a different set of evaluations for CPSE. These evaluations provide information about the child's development according to functional areas such as language, motor, mental, social-emotional and behavioral skills.


>Language & Communication Evaluation can measure the child's understanding of language and expression of language, pragmatic       language skills, speech production (including articulation, phonology, phonation/voice, and fluency) oral motor development and           feeding/swallowing skills.