COSA Mission Statement:


Senior News!


 Senior Dues:

Senior Dues will be collected to offset the cost of various senior activities.  Families facing financial hardship will be assisted by the senior coordinator to create a payment plan or providing financial assistance. 

Payment Due Dates:

  • Final Payment of $30.00 April 07, 2017

Please send your payments to SLCD, and clearly label them senior dues.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact Ms. D’Archangelis the Senior Coordinator or Mr. Viquez, the COSA Coordinator at 718-291-2807.


COSA Administrator: Mrs. Nina DeVita

COSA Coordinator: Mr. Robert Viquez

Financial Coordinator: Mr. John Wagner

Fundraising Coordinator: Ms. Temesia Howard

Spirit Coordinator: Ms. Lisa Capone & Ms. Tamara Furshpan

Spirit Support Staff: Ms. Christina West

Athletic Coordinator: Mr. Kevin Kriz, Jr.

Senior Scholars Team: Mr. Nicholas Squicciarini, Ms. Rosa Barretta, & Ms. Michelle Muller

Senior Team: Ms. Sarah D'Archangelis, Ms. Kristina Black, Mrs. Charlette Murray-Thomas

Junior Team: Ms. Leah Antonellis, Mr. Nicholas Morales, Mr. Todd Conis

Sophomore Team: Ms. Allison Sargent. Ms. Katherine Wynne, Mr. Max Galanty

Freshman Team: Ms. Rebecca Baron, Ms. Vivian Ortiz, Mrs. Sophia Saunders

Student Leadership Coordinator: Mrs. Nicole Thuren

Student Leadership Council Staff:

Ms. Michelle Muller

Ms. Kristina Black

Mr. Nicholas Morales

Mr. Max Galanty

Mrs. Vivian Ortiz

SLCD Student Leadership Council:

Leadership Trip to the Museum of the City of New York


SLCD High School 2016 - 2017 Executive Board

President - Oscar N.

Vice President - Awa D.

Secretary - Bryan W.

Treasurer - Victoria L.

SLCD High School 2016 - 2017 Homeroom Advisory Representatives: 

Homeroom 1 - Isaiah R.

Homeroom 2 - Mantasha H.

Homeroom 3 - Billy W.

Homeroom 5 - Ogechi D.

Homeroom 6 - Zainab H.

Homeroom 7 - Joshua H.

Homeroom 8 - Terrise W.

Homeroom 9 - Joseph R.

Homeroom 10 - Kevin R.

Homeroom 11 - Jared B.

Homeroom 12 - Nicky B. 

Homeroom 13 - Jeremy S.

Homeroom 14 - David L.