Middle School Program

The middle school curriculum is approved by the New York City Department of Education and aligned with the New York State Learning and Common Core Standards.  Students receive intense academic instruction during an eight hour day consisting of ten periods.  The middle school program is approved for classroom configurations of 12:1:3 and 12:2:2.  We utilize a differentiated instructional approach with intensive language intervention to individualize classroom instruction.  Students receive an additional instructional period each day dedicated to developing reading skills utilizing materials from the Wilson Reading program and/or READ 180.  Our students receive group counseling services twice a week in order to develop problem solving abilities.  In addition, our students receive speech and language therapy, which is provided in a group push-in model within the classroom environment.

Socialization with peers is a key component of our overall programming.  As children with special needs develop, they need focused training on how to interact with other children and adults.  We explore a multi-faceted approach to help our students become socially well adapted young adults by teaching and reinforcing appropriate social skills.

We believe in our students' abilities and talents.  Many of our students present skills in the areas of music, art, and dance.  To enhance these skills, a highly specialized arts program engages students in several performances throughout the school year.  Students are offered the opportunity to engage in musical productions through singing, dancing, and acti

For further information on SLCD's Middle School Programs, please contact the Admissions Office at 516.609.2000, ext. 112.

A copy of the Middle School's application forms can be downloaded by clicking the links below or by calling the Admissions Office.

Middle School Application and  Middle School Admission Procedure 

SLCD Middle School Address:
70-24 47th Avenue, Woodside, NY 11377